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0023378: [installation] Installation fails when using old but still allowed PHP version 5.3 (atrol)
0023311: [filters] "View issues" on changelog page does not show closed issues (atrol)
0023377: [other] textarea custom field entry missing from email (atrol)
0021654: [code cleanup] Deprecate access_has_any_project() (cproensa)
0022310: [html] Use HTML5 "required" attribute for required form fields (community)
0023301: [api rest] Request an issue in the REST API fail without warning if an enumeration is missing. (community)
0022872: [ui] Make some buttons visible only when hovering on relevant container (cproensa)
0022871: [ui] print_form_button() does not render inline buttons (cproensa)
0022870: [ui] buttons without separation (cproensa)
0023248: [ui] Project selection dropdown focus on current selection (cproensa)
0023242: [code cleanup] Function project_get_local_user_access_level() is redundant (cproensa)
0023216: [tagging] Make tag view threshold work at project level (cproensa)
0021913: [tagging] unprivileged user can see related tags from private issues (cproensa)
0023225: [authentication] Token API does not work with config show show_realname (dregad)
0023331: [code cleanup] New user_get_username() API function (dregad)
0023323: [reports] Wrong filter links on summary page (atrol)
0023310: [performance] Unused CSS delivered (atrol)
0023267: [ui] Misplaced "Reset Prefs" button in user prefs with narrow screen (dregad)
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