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0023758: [ui] Allow users to select font family that fits them best (syncguru)
0023774: [code cleanup] Implement IssueNoteAddCommand to share code for adding notes (vboctor)
0023786: [code cleanup] Implement IssueNoteDeleteCommand for deleting notes (vboctor)
0023787: [administration] Protected admin users can't be unprotected (atrol)
0023830: [security] Update PHPMailer to 5.2.26 (dregad)
0023773: [api rest] Support time tracking when adding notes via REST API (vboctor)
0023772: [api rest] Support attachments when adding notes via REST API (vboctor)
0023780: [api rest] Return status code 429 when hitting spam check limits (vboctor)
0023784: [api rest] REST and SOAP API send two email notifications for mentioned users (vboctor)
0023785: [api rest] Adding notes via SOAP and REST API with time tracking uses incorrect access check (vboctor)
0023765: [api rest] Wrong constructor name in class FilterConverter (atrol)
0023754: [code cleanup] Code cleanup (atrol)
0023706: [administration] trigger_error() with errors must terminate scripts rather than being config based (vboctor)
0023714: [api rest] Failing REST API requests should include Mantis error code and localized message (vboctor)
0023762: [api rest] Support adding users to monitor an issue via REST API (vboctor)
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