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MantisBT: master-2.0.x bbf4cac7

2017-01-04 08:43:37


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Allow helper_mantis_url() to be called twice

Starting with Mantis 2.0, the Layout API's layout_sidebar_menu()
function takes care of calling helper_mantis_url() for relative URLs in
menu items.

Since that function blindly prepends $g_short_path to the given URL,
this causes issues for plugins relying on a plugin_page() call with
default parameters, e.g. to display menu items via EVENT_MENU_MAIN
event, because the short path is prefixed twice resulting in generation
of an invalid URL.

As pointed out by user @TiKu in 0022107:0054922 using plugin_page()'s $p_redirect
parameter = true as it was done for the Source Integration plugin [1] is
really a workaround.

This commit fixes the issue by only prepending the short path if it is
not yet part of the given URL string.

Fixes 0022107

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