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0011977mantisbtfilterspublic2017-09-07 14:20
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Summary0011977: Is it possible to filter by due_date?

The title says it all. It would be nice to exclude issues from the list which aren't due yet. Something like "Show all" or "Show Issues that become due in 2 days only" with a possibility to have multiple notice periods.

Any chance for getting this in a future release or is it already possible?

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related to 0022021 new Support relative date filtering 




2010-06-10 08:36

reporter   ~0025796

This would be a really good thing :-)



2011-03-29 02:44

reporter   ~0028494

I have added this field to the view_all_bug_page so I can sort on it, that gave me enough options.



2012-09-18 22:23

reporter   ~0032870

Hi cas,
Can you attached your view_all_bug_page.php file here, I would like to know how you implement it?


Best Regards,



2012-09-19 01:24


SNAG-001.gif (20,178 bytes)
SNAG-001.gif (20,178 bytes)


2012-09-19 01:26

reporter   ~0032871

see attached. This is standard Mantis so available right away.
Just add field to fieldlist for this page.
(Manage->Manage Configuration->Manage Columns)



2012-09-19 02:22

reporter   ~0032873

Thank you for your fast response! It is amazing!
How about if I want to filter with due date filter?
Currently the system only allow "Use Date Filters:" <- Last Updated Date.

Thank you so much!



2012-09-19 03:10

reporter   ~0032875

Do not think that is available.



2013-04-12 11:19

reporter   ~0036581

Any update on this issue? It would be rather useful. Thank you



2013-10-02 03:36

reporter   ~0038179

Hello, I also prefer to have this sort thing to behave a bit specific to the 'due date' field semantics: to sort issues ASC based on this field is supposed to list all fields that have set the due date first and the issues with no due date at the end of the list. It is rather confusing to wish to list all issues that are due/overdue and see all the issues not having due date as first...

I vote for filtering on this field as well :-)



2013-10-02 03:47

developer   ~0038180

lucenic, the sorting is handled in 0016259

I vote for filtering on this field as well :-)
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2014-02-01 06:10

developer   ~0039266

Unassigned after having been assigned for a long time without progress.



2017-09-07 14:20

reporter   ~0057643


Just to confirm, is there no built-in means of filtering on Due Date (as you would for any custom field of type Date)? To be clear, I'm referring to the ability available to custom date fields to find issues based on a due date being on, between, etc. a range of dates.


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