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0022001mantisbtapi soappublic2017-02-26 21:19
ReporterdregadAssigned Todregad 
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version1.2.0 
Target Version2.3.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0022001: FilterTest::testGetProjectClosedIssues should fail but does not

The test verifies that mc_project_get_issues() works properly by comparing the number of issues returned before and after creating a new issue with closed status.

It currently (confirmed with 2.0.x/0c990fea7) succeeds despite the fact that closed issues are NOT returned by mc_project_get_issues() unless $g_hide_status_default == META_FILTER_NONE.

The reason for the false positive is that the test issue created in the unit test [1] is in fact NOT created with status 'closed'.


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related to 0021996 feedback Service mc_project_get_issues not return closed issues 
related to 0010969 closedrombert The issue closed can not be found by mc_project_get_issues API? 




2016-12-01 12:00

developer   ~0054656


Note that this will cause the PHPUnit tests to fail with default settings for $g_hide_status_default, until 0021996 has been fixed.

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