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0022398mantisbtauthenticationpublic2017-02-17 06:27
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Summary0022398: HTTP_AUTH not working

Was trying to force HTTP_AUTH for mantisbt, (as
but it doesn't seem to work
Then I realized that in the doc, there is a TODO (

Does that mean that it's not yet implemented ? Also the doc is still 1.3 while product is now 2.1.0 (needs another bug report ?)

In fact, we (CentOS Project) don't even want to rely on HTTP_AUTH, but rather on openid, but while I found some bug reports for that, it seems there is still nothing implemented.
So my "workaround" was at least to offload the auth to HTTP_AUTH, with apache using mod_auth_openid.
mod_auth_openid asks for user/pass and validates (as we use that for other web apps) but mantis doesn't seem to even use it.

Can we get clarification if that is supposed to work or not ? (while also waiting for openid plugin to work too)

Thanks a lot for your work !

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