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0022550mantisbtauthenticationpublic2017-04-01 00:13
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Product Version2.1.0 
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Summary0022550: After upgrading from version 1.2 part of the users was unable to login

After upgrading from Mantis 1.2 about 50 % of the users were unable to login. Resetting the password for the account did fix the issue.
Users got the notice that their useraccount was disabled or their username/password combination was not right.

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2017-03-20 11:43


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2017-03-20 16:04

developer   ~0056133

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The issue can't be reproduced using the given information.

It's hard to tell anything as long as you don't find any difference between the users which can login and the ones which were unable to login.

Next time you could ask an affected user to clear browser cookies and cache and try a new login before resetting the password.



2017-03-21 03:15

developer   ~0056136

Could it be a consequence of duplicate e-mail addresses ?



2017-03-21 04:46

reporter   ~0056139

We tried clearing the browser history and even started with a browser that had never touched the mantis install. It seemed like mostly older accounts were impacted, but some newer ones were also impacted.



2017-03-21 14:12

developer   ~0056146

It seemed like mostly older accounts were impacted, but some newer ones were also impacted.

Unfortunately this is nothing that helps to reproduce the issue or to get an idea what is happening,

Do you use standard login method MD5 or did you change $g_login_method in config_inc.php ?



2017-03-31 16:29

developer   ~0056305


You did not provide any feedback; I am therefore resolving this issue as "no change required".

Feel free to reopen the issue at a later time and provide the requested information.

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