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0023214mantisbtperformancepublic2017-08-13 14:38
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Summary0023214: Remove usage of outdated phputf8 library

Advantages of removing the library and enforcing mbstring extension

  • better performance (no wrapping of mbstring functions)
  • less code which is not maintained, e.g there are no changes since years
  • less libraries which are not under composer control (just rss builder will remain at the moment)
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related to 0021959 closeddregad Installer fails if mbstring extension is not installed 




2017-08-13 05:20

developer   ~0057447


Not sure we can target this to 2.x or have to wait for 3.x.



2017-08-13 08:09

reporter   ~0057448


We use mantis on a server without support for mbstring, and one that we can not add mbstring to.
We do not have any issues with utf8. Please do not remove something that works correctly without providing alternative.

You may find that the library hasn't changed as there is no need - if the library correctly counts the length of a utf8 string the code is not going to change!!



2017-08-13 09:17

developer   ~0057449

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It's not implemented at the moment, but it's documented that mbstring is mandatory

I looked at the code and found that even the current implementation needs the extension, at least if you want to use Markdown.
The underlying 3rd party library (parsedown) uses mb_strlen from the mbstring extension.

We use mantis on a server without support for mbstring, and one that we can not add mbstring to.

@fudge, why can't you add the extension?
If you don't have root access, did you ask your provider?



2017-08-13 10:57

reporter   ~0057451

Effectively yes.

There's a couple of internal reasons (Both technical and non-technical), externally the extension has had a few security issues recently (for example 3 CVE's in June).

In terms of the parsdown library, that library currently has several utf8 handling issues, somewhat surprised you've not hit issues, but then it may be that english is the predominate language and/or that the utf8 library also processing the text is hiding them



2017-08-13 14:38

developer   ~0057452

There's a couple of internal reasons

I see no way and no reason to consider internal reasons as long as they are internal.
Maybe you can share some more details.

the extension has had a few security issues recently

I don't see at the moment that there is a special reason not to use mbstring.
There are always security related fixes in PHP core and extensions.
You never know which CVE we will see tomorrow.
You have always to keep your complete operating environment up to date if you set value on security.

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