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0023447mantisbtperformancepublic2017-10-22 18:47
ReportercreneeAssigned Toatrol 
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Product Version1.3.0 
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Summary0023447: Mantis keeps shutting down when I try to open it

I have a freshly installed mantis package. Once I close it - when I try to open it again, it immediately shuts down.

Steps To Reproduce

I have installed twice with the same results.

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2017-10-09 12:44


MantisShutdown.JPG (55,026 bytes)
MantisShutdown.JPG (55,026 bytes)


2017-10-09 13:16

developer   ~0057915


This is not a bug or feature request for MantisBT (you are asking for help or Mantis2Go). I am therefore resolving this issue as "no change required".

Be also aware that Mantis2Go does not support latest Mantis 2.x but just Mantis 1.3.x.



2017-10-09 13:22

reporter   ~0057916

That I am using 1.3.x Where do I go to get help?
This the 2nd time my request for help has been denied.



2017-10-09 13:44

developer   ~0057917

That I am using 1.3.x Where do I go to get help?

You get support for MantisBT 1.3 at this tracker, but not for Mantis2Go.

Keep in mind that

Do not use for production purposes!


The right place for Mantis2Go issues would be

I don't have any plans at the moment to upgrade Mantis2Go to a newer MantisBT version.

This the 2nd time my request for help has been denied.

What do you mean with this? 0023440 ?
If so, you got help, see first link at note 0023440:0057907 and I explained that this is the wrong place for configuration issues and I provided a link to the right place to get such kind of support.



2017-10-11 14:59

reporter   ~0057944

I understand now. Thank you.

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