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0023448mantisbtadministrationpublic2017-10-22 18:47
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Summary0023448: question - differences between NOBODY access level and disabled user


Could you please tell me (or point me to the documentation noting) the differences between the 'NOBODY' access level and a disabled user? Looking to understand, for instance, the implications on email notifications. ability to view bugs, etc. between those two user states.

Apologies if I am missing this posted data - I have looked through the admin and dev guides, as well as existing support bugs/boards, but have been unable to find a consolidated set of details that describe the differences.

Thanks very much,

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2017-10-09 13:54

developer   ~0057918

the differences between the 'NOBODY' access level and a disabled user?

these are complete different things

NOBODY is a special access level (some kind of user group) like REPORTER, DEVELOPER where no user belongs to.

disabled is a property of a single user


This is not a bug or feature request for MantisBT (you are asking for help on how to configure the system). I am therefore resolving this issue as "no change required".

Please use the forums to get support on customizing and using MantisBT (refer to for links and further details).



2017-10-09 16:45

reporter   ~0057919

Hi @atrol,

Thanks for the feedback. I believe I understand. Just to confirm, is the expectation that 'NOBODY' is meant to be an access level designation used for setting threshold config settings? Is it not possible, then, to set the access level to 0 (NOBODY) in the mantis_user_table and lead to cause the following for that user (which apply when that user is disabled)?

  • All currently active sessions for the account will be invalidated (i.e. automatically logged out)
  • It will no longer be possible login using this account.
  • No further email notifications will be sent to the account once it is disabled.
  • The user account will not show anymore in lists like "assign to", "send reminder to", etc.

Please forgive my confusion if a user is never meant to be set to the NOBODY access level. I remember at some point the suggestion was made that new users could conditionally be set to the NOBODY access level by default in order to provide the opportunity for admins to audit auto-signups prior to giving them a usable default.

As an aside, could you please let me know how I should file "question" issues in the MantisBT support bug-tracker going forward?

Thanks again,



2017-10-09 17:04

developer   ~0057920

'NOBODY' is meant to be an access level designation used for setting threshold config settings



NOBODY is 100, not 0

could you please let me know how I should file "question" issues

This is the right place to ask questions



2017-10-09 17:09

reporter   ~0057921

Hi @atrol,

Thanks for the clarifications. I will proceed knowing that the proper and only approach for restricting usage/notifications is to disable a user (as opposed to setting the access level to something such as NOBODY). I will assume that the related suggestion (i.e., changing the user access level to be something akin to disabling the user) did not represent a viable approach set forth by MantisBT development.

Thanks for the link - I will be sure to post future questions in the forums (and will reserve bugs/enhancements for the bug-tracker).


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