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Summary0023536: how can I allow user to view only the issue that assigned to them

as title say
I have already build my mantis system and now I want the user except the administrator can only view the issue that assigned to them, I used to set private to the user but if the user level is the same, and they can also view and edit the issue.Now, I only want user to view the issue that the upper user send to them. How can I do? Can anyone help me about the situation?

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duplicate of 0010831 acknowledged how can I allow user to view only the issue that assigned to them 
related to 0023535 closedatrol how to not see other tkickets that I have assing 




2017-10-24 14:29


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2017-10-24 14:36

developer   ~0058045

Why do you create a new issue after I resolved 0023535 as a duplicate of 0010831 ?

Do you agree that your request is covered by 0010831 ?
If not, what are you missing?

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