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0023666mantisbtapi soappublic2017-12-04 02:17
ReportermantisiatorAssigned Todregad 
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Product Version2.8.0 
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Summary0023666: mc_issue_add does not trigger EVENT_REPORT_BUG/EVENT_REPORT_BUG_DATA event in plugin associated to bug creation

When creating an issue via the Web interface, the plugin is called properly whereas when using the mc_issue_add api function, the plugin functions related to the events EVENT_REPORT_BUG/EVENT_REPORT_BUG_DATA are not called.

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duplicate of 0011993 acknowledgedrombert trigger events when bug added etc via soap 




2017-11-23 05:38

reporter   ~0058240

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@atrol @rombert,
I just found that a similar point has been discussed in 0015235 pointing itself on 0013498. Do you know if a change has been merged into 2.8.0 ?

Thank you very much in advance



2017-11-23 09:26

developer   ~0058242

Do you know if a change has been merged into 2.8.0

No. @cproensa started working on this last year (see 0020578) but I don't think he got anywhere.

I'll resolve this as duplicate, please follow up in the other issue.



2017-11-23 10:13

developer   ~0058244

but I don't think he got anywhere.

The implementation is done, but still not approved:



2017-11-23 11:46

developer   ~0058245

The implementation is done, but still not approved

You're right. Sorry :-)



2017-11-23 14:57

reporter   ~0058246

Thank you very much for this feedback and the significant implementation. The implementation is rather a major change. When do you expect the change to be integrated into the kernel version ?

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