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0023796mantisbtreportspublic2018-01-10 09:34
ReporterimqAssigned Todregad 
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Summary0023796: Filter links for resolved/closed custom statuses in Summary By Status report are incorrect

We customized the status values and added additional resolved status.

At page Summary -> By Status -> Resolved, for example,
For status #59, the link would be view_all_set.php?type=1&temporary=y&status=59&status=58&hide_status=99
For status 0000063, the link would be view_all_set.php?type=1&temporary=y&status=63&status=58&hide_status=99

Both links would turn the filter to have status set as #58 rather than #59 or 0000063.

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2018-01-09 09:39

developer   ~0058510

Looks like summary_print_by_enum() is tagging an extra status, to allow filtering of the resolved/closed issues. This behavior is reproducible in out-of-the-box MantisBT, but does not have any side-effect in that case, since both query parameters have the same value (80 or 90).

Can you please provide your settings for

  • status_enum_string
  • bug_resolved_status_threshold
  • bug_closed_status_threshold


2018-01-09 10:29

developer   ~0058511

@imq nevermind the request for additional information, I can reproduce the problem.



2018-01-09 10:45

developer   ~0058512

Clearing product version as the problem exists since the introduction of the hyperlinks in this report, 13 years ago... MantisBT master b51d5398



2018-01-09 11:02

developer   ~0058513




2018-01-09 21:29

reporter   ~0058515

I tested the change in 0023796:0058513 and seems there were some more fields having the same issue:

  • By Status -> closed column (in my case, the duplicated status does not matter. But guess it should be affecting those setting with multiple closed statuses)
    • view_all_set.php?type=1&temporary=y&status=99&status=99&hide_status=-2
  • By Severity / By Resolution -> closed and total column
    • view_all_set.php?type=1&temporary=y&severity=10&status=58&status=99&hide_status=-2
    • view_all_set.php?type=1&temporary=y&severity=10&status=58&status=99&hide_status=-2


2018-01-10 09:34

developer   ~0058523

Apologies, I didn't test my code thoroughly and failed to notice that the piece of code I updated was actually duplicated further down in the function, so my fix is only partial. I'll update the PR later.

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