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Summary0005278: custom field for user accounts

We made several changes to use the custom fields for the user accounts as well. To use the fields they have to be added in the "Manage Users" section. The value of the custom field from the user account (from every single user) will be copied into the custom field in the report page. We use this for example to fill out the telephone number from our costumers.

To store the values of the user custom fields we need two new database tables:
mantis_custom_field_user_table, mantis_custom_field_user_string_table

To use the extension you have to execute the upgrade script in the admin directory of mantis.

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has duplicate 0006075 closedatrol Exrta Fields in user info 
has duplicate 0011377 closedatrol The "My Account" should have the "Custom Fields" function 
has duplicate 0015457 closedatrol Additional user information 
related to 0006388 new Custom fields for notes 
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2005-02-24 11:31


AccountPage.png (15,270 bytes)
AccountPage.png (15,270 bytes)

2005-02-24 11:31 (38,344 bytes)


2005-04-05 13:54

reporter   ~0009729

Do you have that zip handy in form of a diff at all?




2005-04-06 02:48

reporter   ~0009740

Sorry, I only have the zip file with the changed and new sources. I am not so familar with cvs to produce diff files, but the changes all base on the 0.19.2 Release Version of mantis.




2007-06-06 10:23

reporter   ~0014686

Is this being worked? I see the last comment was two years ago. I'm very interested in this feature and would be willing to work on it if needed. The attachments are missing and I'm wondering if there are any design specs for the feature.



2007-06-06 11:29

reporter   ~0014687

Yes it's working. We added the changes on the 1.0.5 release of mantis. If you are interested, i can upload the changed sources in the next days.

What do you mean with "design specs"?

The features of the modification are:

  • You can add costum fields to the user account, the same way as you can
    add them to the bug.
  • If you add the same custom fields to the account and the bug, the values
    from the user account custom fields will be copied to the bug custom fields.


2007-06-06 12:08

reporter   ~0014689

Great. I'm keeping my code synced with cvs but I don't see anything related to this. Is it in CVS yet or just patched to a release? If it's already in there how do I configure it? I don't seem to be able to find it. If it isn't there, yes I would certainly be interested in the source changes.

In regard to design specs, I was just wondering if there was any documentation specifying how this should be implemented. Your explanation below is helpful.

Thanks for the speedy response!




2007-06-07 09:13

reporter   ~0014704

Last edited: 2007-06-07 09:14

I uploaded the changed PHP-Filed based on Version 1.0.5. I did not test, if the changes are complete and working. Please response if something ist missing. To use the modification you have to execute the upgrade scipt in the admin directory of mantis. This will create the new two tables for the user-custom field entries.



2007-06-08 13:29

reporter   ~0014717

I'm having trouble with the db update. I tried to run the admin/update script and several things were updated but the user custom fields were not. I don't see them in the update scripts either...

2007-06-11 04:07 (5,029 bytes)

2007-06-11 04:07




2007-06-11 04:11

reporter   ~0014742

Don't ask me why, but I had to patch the upgrade.php to see the upgrade-scripts. I also made a change in the upgrade_inc.php. When you click at advanced-upgrades now you should see the Add_User_Custom_Field_xxx upgrades.



2007-06-12 12:39

reporter   ~0014745

@Heiko I must be doing something wrong because I still am unable to get this to work. I appear to be missing the file upgrades/0_19_user_custom_fields.php. Is there a better way to discuss this? IRC?, Skype? Other?

2007-06-13 03:31


0_19_user_custom_fields.php (1,483 bytes)
	# Mantis - a php based bugtracking system
	# Copyright (C) 2000 - 2002  Kenzaburo Ito -
	# Copyright (C) 2002 - 2004  Mantis Team   -
	# This program is distributed under the terms and conditions of the GPL
	# See the README and LICENSE files for details

	# Changes applied to 0.18 database

	# --------------------------------------------------------
	# $Id: 0_19_inc.php,v 1.1 2004/10/05 17:20:33 thraxisp Exp $
	# --------------------------------------------------------
	require_once( 'db_table_names_inc.php' );

	$upgrades = array();

	$upgrades[] = new SQLUpgrade(
			'Add User_Custom_Field_Table',
			"CREATE TABLE $t_custom_field_user_table (
  			 field_id int NOT NULL default '0',
  			 sequence int NOT NULL default '0',
  			 PRIMARY KEY  (field_id))"

	$upgrades[] = new SQLUpgrade(
			'Add User_Custom_Field_String_Table',
			"CREATE TABLE $t_custom_field_user_string_table (
  			field_id int NOT NULL default '0',
  			user_id int NOT NULL default '0',
  			value varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
  			PRIMARY KEY  (field_id,user_id))"
  	$upgrades[] = new SQLUpgrade(
			'Add field User_Custom_Field_Table',
			"ALTER TABLE $t_custom_field_table 
      ADD `access_level_rwc` INT(2)  UNSIGNED DEFAULT \"0\" NOT NULL"

	return $upgrades;


2007-06-13 03:35

reporter   ~0014754

Last edited: 2007-06-14 03:08

Sorry I forgot to upload the Upgrade scripz 0_19_user_custom_fields.php :-O
You have to copy the script into the admin\upgrades directory.

2007-06-13 10:55 (38,258 bytes)


2007-06-13 10:59

reporter   ~0014758

Could you please delete the file



2007-06-13 12:43

manager   ~0014759

I deleted



2010-05-23 21:02

reporter   ~0025594

I think the ability to have a custom field of type User still has strong value, as you can then create fields such as Tester etc.

With current Mantis the testing team try to assign issues to themselves which breaks the developer-based statistics. It'd be ideal to provide a custom field that they can incorporate into their workflow.



2010-09-29 05:23

reporter   ~0026906


I use Mantis 1.2.2. Can anybody advice (step by step) how to install the User Custom fields functionality?



2011-09-12 05:37

reporter   ~0029687


I upgraded Mantis to version 1.2.5. Can anybody advice (step by step) how to install the User Custom fields functionality?



2011-09-12 07:42

reporter   ~0029688

Hi rtartas,

the modified Mantis source code is based on version 1.05. It will not work on version 1.25. We also plan to upgrade our mantis installation in the near future. If there is still interest in our modifications, we can upload a new version then.



2011-09-12 07:53

reporter   ~0029689

Hi Heiko,

Yes, I'm still interested in this modification. So if you could upgrade this and upload this here - I'll be very happy!

Thank you!



2014-03-15 17:48

reporter   ~0039670


This seems like a really nice feature to have. Will this customization be upgraded to work with the 1.2.x code?

Thank you,



2014-03-17 06:06

reporter   ~0039677

Hello mach825,

currently we are running version 1.2.11 of mantis. I handed over then development of our mantis installation to our working student. We made several changes to the original code. We have to seperate these changes before we can upload the necessary code for the custom fields. This will take a while. :-)



2014-03-17 06:54

reporter   ~0039681

This should be a plugin, would make life much easier



2014-07-28 11:44

reporter   ~0040999

I use Mantis 1.2.17. How can I upgrade this modification? I really need to add a column to sync user's more info from LDAP.



2014-07-29 03:17

reporter   ~0041001

We are currently working to make the custom user fields to a plugin. After testing the plugin we will make it available. But this will take some time.



2014-07-29 08:35

reporter   ~0041002

Thanks a lot.
Sincerely hope that we can use this plugin soon as possible.



2014-11-10 03:12

reporter   ~0041823

The develpment is almost complete. We are testing at the moment.



2015-04-30 17:47

reporter   ~0050680

sorry but I still don't understand how to add this "custom user fields" feature to mantis

can someone explain to me please?



2015-05-31 09:58

reporter   ~0050846


I would like to ask about the plugin you were talking about, is it ready? can you kindly share it with us?



2015-06-08 03:53

reporter   ~0050880

Sorry, we are still testing the plugin.
Our Mantis Version is 1.2.11. We will try upgrade the version for Mantis 1.2.19 and upload an "untested" diff-file. Please refrain from further questions.



2015-06-08 12:24

reporter   ~0050881


Thanks a lot for taking time to reply, I can wait a little longer, no problem.
Also, I don't have any problems with using an Untested version and I would really appreciate it if you share it, because I need that plugin badly.

I didn't mean to bother you by asking, by I was just curious to know more about the current state of the plugin.
Anyway, I'm not gonna ask you again, I will wait for you to post it here, but please share it ASAP once it's usable
And thanks a lot



2015-06-10 08:35

reporter (16,447 bytes)


2015-06-10 08:37

reporter   ~0050885

I have uploaded the Plugin for the Mantis Version 1.2.19.
The Plugin ist not tested yet!
Feel free to report bugs but do not expect to get them fixed :-)



2015-06-15 16:43

reporter   ~0050919


THx alot
It works like a charm, you're awesome, the plugin is awesome, and the entire world is awesome XD

thanks again for the plugin, it's working very good, btw if you're planning to release it for public I can offer to translate it to Arabic, French and maybe Spanish and Turkish(my Turkish and Spanish aren't good enough though)



2015-06-16 03:29

reporter   ~0050920

After some more testing we could publish the plugin in the official git-hub repository. I am not sure if it is allowed for 'official' plugins to make changes to the original source code of mantis.

If you like you can upload your translations here. We could add a polish language file.

Thanks for your responds.



2015-06-16 09:13

developer   ~0050921

We generally don't recommend altering MantisBT core, but I don't think there's an official policy against hosting a plugin that does in the mantisbt-plugins organization on github.

That being said, I would at least ask you to make this source code change explicit in the readme file, and also draw your attention to the fact that it is your responsibility to support such changes.

Please refer to for the process to publish a plugin.



2015-06-18 14:31

reporter   ~0050937


I have a question,is it possible to make the new custuom field visible in the "view_user_page.php"



2015-06-22 03:54

reporter   ~0050957

Yes it is possible, but it is not impelemented. We do not use the "view_user_page.php".



2015-06-26 21:25

reporter   ~0050983

Attached is the Arabic translation for your plugin, feel free to use it and insert in your next release

"Yes it is possible, but it is not impelemented"
Yeah, we have done it modifying "view_user_page.php"(core file) and it worked fine, however it will show a
"APPLICATION WARNING #100: Configuration option "plugin__auto_load_threshold" not found"

so In order to remove this warning (optional) we needed to hack this file "acf_api.php"(plugin file, located at AccountCustomFields/pages/acf_api.php)

If someone is interested I can upload the modified files.

MantisBT is very awesome and easy to customize , however it still lacks a lot of feature, specially basic ones that should exist, for example custom user fields, I think it's something that Must be available by default, with the plugin/codes being provided now thanks to HeikoNorderstedt I would like to ask if you can implement it in your future releases, also adding some nice features like private messages, ability to customize the summary page..etc would be awesome...
And thanks for all your efforts

strings_arabic.txt (1,837 bytes)
# General
$s_plugin_AccountCustomFields_custom_field = 'حقل';
$s_plugin_AccountCustomFields_sequence = 'تسلسل';
$s_plugin_AccountCustomFields_rwc = 'تعديل صلاحات الدخول';
$s_plugin_AccountCustomFields_actions = 'تطبيق تصرف';
$s_plugin_AccountCustomFields_save_settings = 'حفظ الإعدادات';
$s_plugin_AccountCustomFields_cancel_import = 'إيقاف الإستيراد';

# Config Page
$s_plugin_AccountCustomFields_config_page_title = 'الحقول الإختيارية (للحسبابات): صفحة الإعدادات';
$s_plugin_AccountCustomFields_uninstall_page_title = 'الحقول الإختيارية (للحسبابات): إلغاء التنصيب';
$s_plugin_AccountCustomFields_form_title_acf = 'الحقول الإختيارية للعضو';
$s_plugin_AccountCustomFields_no_acfs_in_use = 'لا يوجد أي حقول إختيارية مستخدمة كحقول إختيارية للأعضاء حتى الآن.';

# Config Values
$s_plugin_AccountCustomFields_global_settings = 'خيارات العامة للإضافة';
$s_plugin_AccountCustomFields_conf_auto_load_string = 'إبلاغ عن حالة: استخدام قيم الحقل الإختياري للحسابات للحقول الإختيارية';

# Datasets
$s_plugin_AccountCustomFields_datasets = 'datasets:';
$s_plugin_AccountCustomFields_datasets_active = ' المستخدم';
$s_plugin_AccountCustomFields_datasets_complete = ' الإجمالي';

# Schema
$s_plugin_AccountCustomFields_schema_uninstall_message = 'أي قواعد بيانات تريدها أن تحذف؟ <br/> تم إلغاء التنصيب بنجاح.';
$s_plugin_AccountCustomFields_schema_uninstall_0 = 'لا تحذف أي شيء';
$s_plugin_AccountCustomFields_schema_uninstall_1 = 'حذف هياكل القواعد والبيانات';
strings_arabic.txt (1,837 bytes)


2015-06-29 05:06

reporter   ~0050993

Please upload your modifications, so we can take a look.



2015-07-01 21:28

reporter   ~0051002

I have attached it, credits goes to themadmaxboy

user profiles mod themadmaxboy.rar (6,938 bytes)


2018-01-13 07:06

reporter   ~0058538

Just started minor changes to @HeikoNorderstedt work => it rocks!!!
Just sent mail to plugin author requesting access to repository to fork.
I'm doing the silly changes needed to use plugin with MantisBT 2.x
Also minor changes to access Custom Fields on user create/update pages.
Going to provide feedback when finished (no more than a couple of weeks from now)

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