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0005702mantisbtsecuritypublic2017-11-07 07:23
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Summary0005702: Giving access to user who is monitoring bug

Let's say we hve private project. User 1 (REPORTER) has added a private issue. administrator decided to send reminder to User 2 (REPORTER) of issue reported by user1. User 2 is monitoring issue but he do not have access to it.

It would be nice if administrator has an option to allow user2 to view private issue1.

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I changed a lot in my conf files and .php files so please check out on "clean" mantis version

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2005-06-03 04:42

manager   ~0010340

This can probably be easily implemented by modifying access_has_bug_level() to check if the user is monitoring the issue, the same way it currently checks if the user is the reporter of the issue.

Whether this is to be configurable or not, will need to be decided.



2005-06-03 04:45

manager   ~0010341

The change I proposed above will only provide the user access to the issue, if he enters Jump to Issue, or clicks on a link in an email. It will not add it to the list of issues the user can see in the View Issues page (i.e. as a result of a query). Changing the filtering to return these issues can be down, but it will slow down the query.



2005-06-03 05:43

reporter   ~0010343

Yes i did it before reporting. At first I modified access_has_bug_level(), but as You noticed the bug is not displayed in my_view_page so i changed query. Thanks for checking out and still I think it would be nice featue to assign rights to certaing bugs.



2011-02-17 08:00

reporter   ~0028251

Would be a nice to have



2011-07-15 04:46

reporter   ~0029175

Last edited: 2011-07-15 04:47

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w_moroz, can you describe changes you did?



2011-08-11 00:04

reporter   ~0029458

You will need to change access_has_bug_level() but that's not the only place. The mass queries for the My View and View Issues pages will probably need to construct different queries to ensure that you don't miss anything.

There are actually three cases I can think of offhand where adding monitors as a way of implementing access control lists could make varying amounts of sense:

  1. (your case) User could see bug if it were not private, monitoring bypasses the view status, user has whatever access they would normally have for public bugs in the same project. Most likely we would then want a new config option to determine what access level is required to add such a monitor, unless it is tied to those who can already view or edit view status on private issues.

  2. User cannot see bug because it is in a private project. Monitoring would bypass the private project check but then what access level would the user have? Global access might not be sufficient to see the bug, or (if we are abusing Monitors as access control lists) do other operations like handle, etc. Worst case I could see a per-project option that says what access level Monitors grant (a la adding the user to the project at that level).

  3. User cannot see bug because "reporters limited to own issues" is preventing them from seeing it. (BTW, why is that not "access required to see public bugs" ? Probably because it was a very specific request originally I guess.) Presumably we just bypass the reporter check and give them their original access level.

There would also be interactions with the reminders feature (which has its own access level options!) but I think the general principle should hold that if you can't already see a bug, you should not be able to Monitor it; but once you can see a bug, it's an open question (and probably yet more configuration options) as to how much additional access you should need to send reminders and add people as Monitors. (On one end of the spectrum, people granted access via Monitoring would be able to add others as Monitors; on the other end, only those with manager access to the bug -- or configurable/administrator! -- would be able to add Monitors that create exceptions to the normal access levels.)



2015-07-15 14:52

reporter   ~0051073

I recently ran into the same requirement and as this ticket has been around since 2005 without a solution I hacked one myself. In case someone needs it here's what I did in mantis 1.2.17:

in core/access_api.php function access_has_bug_level

if( !$t_bug_is_user_reporter && bug_get_field( $p_bug_id, 'view_state' ) == VS_PRIVATE ) {


//check if user is monitor
$t_bug_monitor_table = db_get_table('mantis_bug_monitor_table');
$query = "SELECT 1 FROM $t_bug_monitor_table WHERE bug_id=" . db_param() . " AND user_id = " . db_param();

$result = db_query_bound($query, Array($p_bug_id, $p_user_id));
if (db_num_rows($result)) {
//treat as if bug was public
return access_compare_level($t_access_level, $p_access_level);

in core/filter_api.php function filter_get_bug_rows


$t_public_view_state_check = "( ( $t_bug_table.view_state = " . VS_PUBLIC . " ) OR ( $t_bug_table.reporter_id = $t_user_id ) )";


$t_public_view_state_check = "( ( $t_bug_table.view_state = " . VS_PUBLIC . " ) OR ( $t_bug_table.reporter_id = $t_user_id ) OR (SELECT 1 FROM $t_bug_monitor_table WHERE $t_bug_monitor_table.user_id = $t_user_id AND $t_bug_monitor_table.bug_id = $ LIMIT 1))";

Using a subquery might not be the most elegant way, but it worked without major code changes. For a release this might also require a configuration switch.



2015-12-03 10:00

reporter   ~0052003

I needed this feature too since I have some reports which must be visible nominatively (addition as monitor being a perfect for this). So, I successfully applied the cwipll's code, above, in a MantiBT 1.2.14.

Just a point to take care of (obvious, but easy to forgot) : $t_access_level must be defined before (ie. above) the inserted code in core/access_api.php's access_has_bug_level function. Otherwise, the bug is well visible in the "View issues" page, but still unreachable (access denied).



2017-05-19 03:24

reporter   ~0056904

Would be nice feature. Can be done as config option - enable or disable this feature to satisfy everyone.



2017-11-07 07:23

reporter   ~0058155

It would be really helpful feature to add reporters and updaters into a private issue.
Right now I couldn't find an option how a reporter (who didn't create an issue) can participate in a discussion inside a private issue.

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