How can I prevent that a ticket can be resolved as 'open'?

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How can I prevent that a ticket can be resolved as 'open'?

Postby covfefe » Sep 07, 2017 10:29 am

Hello folks! :D

I have a problem concerning status options and resolutions.
In my system, there are the status option resolved and closed (I think both are dafault in Mantis).
What annoys me is that a ticket can be set either to be resolved or closed with the 'Open' resolution. :cry:

I want to force users that they pick any other resolution than 'Open' when they select one of the two statuses.
Is that possible somehow? :?:

I found the config option 'bug_resolved_status_threshold' in the manual and thought probably this a good start, but I have no idea with which parameters I have to set it.
I know I have to place it under "Manage"->"Manage Configuration"->"Configuration Report", where I have also put my customized status_enum_workflow but it is unclear which value to put in bug_resolved_status_threshold.
Is this option suited for that what I need? ... guide.html

Best regards and thanks in advance :wink:
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