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MantisBT: master 075369ab

2017-08-20 14:48:23


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Add logging functionality for plugins

- Create a new loglevel LOG_PLUGIN to write logs specifically from
- Add function plugin_log_event() to wrap the log call for plugins.

Fixes: 0022053
Affected Issues
mod - config_defaults_inc.php Diff File
mod - core/constant_inc.php Diff File
mod - core/logging_api.php Diff File
mod - core/plugin_api.php Diff File
mod - docbook/Admin_Guide/en-US/config/logging.xml Diff File

MantisBT: master 16ed967b

2017-08-19 20:51:00


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Exclude unlinked projects from custom fields filter

Don't get data from custom field values from issues in projects that are
not linked to the custom field.
This data can exists if the field has been unlinked after data has been
saved. When unlinking a field from a project, the stored values are not
deleted, however they must be ignored.

Fixes: 0019385
Affected Issues
mod - core/filter_api.php Diff File

MantisBT: master 1c436505

2017-08-19 11:50:10


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Deprecate access_has_any_project()

This function may mislead into incorrect validations. Usually you want
to check that a user meets a threshold for any project, but that
threshold may be configured differently for each project, and the user
may also have different access levels in each project due to private
projects assignment.
In that scenario, $p_access_level can't be a static threshold, but a
"threshold identifier" instead, that must be evaluated for each project.
Function "access_has_any_project_level()" provides that functionality,
also covers the basic usage of this function.

For such reasons, this function has been deprecated.

Fixes: 0021654
Affected Issues
mod - core/access_api.php Diff File

MantisBT: master 513dd1ab

2017-08-19 11:23:48


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Replace usages of access_has_any_project()

Use access_has_any_project_level() instead.
Attach Issues:
mod - core/bug_group_action_api.php Diff File
mod - core/columns_api.php Diff File
mod - core/filter_form_api.php Diff File
mod - core/layout_api.php Diff File

MantisBT: master 5d0c9427

2017-08-19 09:18:51


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Focus on current project selection

To follow the expected behaviour of a standard dropdown selection list,
make the list to be scrolled and focused on the currently selected

Fixes: 0023248
Affected Issues
mod - core/layout_api.php Diff File
mod - js/common.js Diff File

MantisBT: master a152d85b

2017-08-19 06:31:12


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Fix timetracking report with no category

Don't require a category to be assigned to the bug as there is an option
to not require a category ($g_allow_no_category)

Fixes: 0022158
Affected Issues
mod - core/billing_api.php Diff File

MantisBT: master 9f70532f

2017-08-18 07:35:27


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Deprecate project_get_local_user_access_level()

This function is redundant, with access_get_local_level() having the
same functionality.

Fixes: 0023242
Affected Issues
mod - core/project_api.php Diff File
mod - core/user_api.php Diff File

MantisBT: master 37918923

2017-08-18 07:09:25


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Fix cache of linked fields for empty value

Save an empty value for projects that don't have linked custom fields,
so this result is also cached.
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mod - core/custom_field_api.php Diff File

MantisBT: master 10ca3127

2017-08-18 06:48:58


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Cache custom fields linked projects with main data

Cache custom fields linked projects with main custom field definition.
Attach Issues:
mod - core/custom_field_api.php Diff File

MantisBT: master ade8dac9

2017-08-17 10:36:04


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Better detection of config string as parameter

Better determination in access_project_array_filter() of access level
parameter, if it's a string or a threshold.
If an integer number is passed as string, sill consider it as a integer
threshold, instead of a string representing a confgiuration option.
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mod - core/access_api.php Diff File

MantisBT: master 8fec1632

2017-08-17 09:39:11

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Localisation updates from
Attach Issues:
mod - lang/strings_french.txt Diff File
mod - lang/strings_galician.txt Diff File
mod - lang/strings_macedonian.txt Diff File
mod - lang/strings_russian.txt Diff File

MantisBT: master 188739ae

2017-08-17 09:33:59


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Cache projects used in filter query

The projects will be used to check access level, that will require
reading the project rows from database. Making sure the projects rows
are cached avoids having individual queries later for each project.
Attach Issues:
mod - core/filter_api.php Diff File

MantisBT: master 29c2912f

2017-08-17 09:05:32


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Cache all needed projects for navbar layout

Reduce DB query count by caching all needed projects for the navbar layout.

Fixes: 0023237
Affected Issues
mod - core/layout_api.php Diff File

MantisBT: master 85484ea4

2017-08-17 05:44:02


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Fix time tracking stopwatch lag

Prior to this, the stopwatch was lagging behind the real time and it was not
possible to manually edit the time field.

The lag was caused by the use of setTimeout to add to a counter each
second. Browsers put inactive tabs to sleep for a few seconds, causing
cumulative delays between each call to setTimeout.

I have changed setTimeout to setInterval to better express the intention
of calling a function in a loop and inside that function I have switched
from a simple add to a counter, to calculate the diff in seconds between
startTime and current time, using the moment.js library to help.

Fixes 0022919

Signed-off-by: Damien Regad <>
Affected Issues
mod - js/common.js Diff File

MantisBT: master fe444f15

2017-08-16 20:10:57


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Custom field columns include subprojects fields

Evaluate subprojects of current project to include readable custom
fields in the available columns list.
This allows adding a column for a custom field that is linked to a
subproject, which is the default behaviour when selecting ALL_PROJECTS.
Since columns are related to a project, but the filter by default shows
issues from subproject, extending the behaviour for any
project/subproject is consistent with the expectation that columns for
those custom fields can be used for view-all-bug page

Fixes: 0023233
Affected Issues
mod - core/columns_api.php Diff File

MantisBT: master 224e4fb7

2017-08-16 15:49:53


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Correct button style on bug_update_page

Fixes 0023227
Affected Issues
mod - bug_update_page.php Diff File

MantisBT: master 3476b161

2017-08-16 08:11:27


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Get accessible custom field values

Rewrite custom_field_distinct_values() to retrieve only those values
that are accessible by the user, according to either issue view
permission, or custom field definition for view access level.

Only values that are viewable by the user should be retrieved, so we
must account for:
- View issue permissions: if the issue is private or public.
- Project level permissions: if a private project is accessible
directly, or indirectly.
- Limit view issues for reporters: if the option is enabled.
- Custom field definition for viewing threshold

Viewable issues can be resolved by using a filter, which already
accounts for those restrictions. So here we only need to additionally
check for custom field view threshold on each project.

Fixes: 0016359
Affected Issues
mod - core/custom_field_api.php Diff File

MantisBT: master fd38b5d3

2017-08-15 20:34:22


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Account for project permission on custom fields filter

When filtering on custom fields, return only issues where the custom
fields is viewable by the user according to each project access level.

Fixes: 0023223
Affected Issues
mod - core/filter_api.php Diff File

MantisBT: master 19fb937b

2017-08-15 19:36:17


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Get custom fields values from a list of projects

Extend custom_field_distinct_values() to allow a list of projects to get
values from.
Extend the custom fields filter input to show values from all the
projects included in the filter scope, which may also include

Fixes: 0016358
Affected Issues
mod - core/custom_field_api.php Diff File
mod - core/filter_form_api.php Diff File

MantisBT: master 79666331

2017-08-15 18:54:31


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Add explicit check for ALL_PROJECTS in filter

Provide a shortcut in filter_get_included_projects() to return
ALL_PROJECTS if that value is found directly, or indirectly, in the
A parameter can be set to explicitly expand ALL_PROJECTS if required.
Attach Issues:
mod - core/filter_api.php Diff File

MantisBT: master b139b96d

2017-08-15 18:21:42


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Include custom fields from all included projects

When retrieving custom fields to show in the filter form, evaluate all
projects included in the filter scope.
Previously, evaluation of subprojects only happened when filtering from

Additionally, check access level for the defined view threshold, to only
show those custom fields that are viewable by the user

Fixes: 0005713, 0023232
Affected Issues
0005713, 0023232
mod - core/filter_form_api.php Diff File

MantisBT: master 3016b8d3

2017-08-15 13:21:25


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Refactor custom_field_get_linked_ids()

Refactor custom_field_get_linked_ids() to allow a query for several
Note that the codde supported passing an array of projects, but the
cache code was not accountign for it.
Additionally, when querying all projects, remove the ad-hoc query and
reuse user_get_all_accesible_projects.
Attach Issues:
mod - core/custom_field_api.php Diff File

MantisBT: master 5aea6bb8

2017-08-15 09:05:06


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Remove redudant argument for the construction of IssueFileAddedTimelineEvent

The $t_bugnote_id is not used.
Attach Issues:
mod - core/timeline_api.php Diff File

MantisBT: master 0d224f73

2017-08-15 02:49:16


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Typo fixes in comments and documentation
Attach Issues:
mod - adm_config_set.php Diff File
mod - admin/install.php Diff File
mod - api/soap/wsdl-viewer.xsl Diff File
mod - bug_update.php Diff File
mod - config_defaults_inc.php Diff File
mod - core/constant_inc.php Diff File
mod - core/custom_field_api.php Diff File
mod - core/database_api.php Diff File
mod - core/error_api.php Diff File
mod - core/file_api.php Diff File
mod - core/filter_api.php Diff File
mod - core/gpc_api.php Diff File
mod - core/install_helper_functions_api.php Diff File
mod - core/relationship_api.php Diff File
mod - core/relationship_graph_api.php Diff File
mod - core/string_api.php Diff File
mod - core/summary_api.php Diff File
mod - core/tag_api.php Diff File
mod - core/user_api.php Diff File
mod - docbook/Admin_Guide/en-US/Troubleshooting.xml Diff File
mod - docbook/Developers_Guide/en-US/Events.xml Diff File
mod - manage_filter_edit_update.php Diff File
mod - plugins/MantisCoreFormatting/lang/strings_dutch.txt Diff File
mod - tests/Mantis/HelperTest.php Diff File

MantisBT: master c049c186

2017-08-14 19:22:35


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Simplify tags filter query

Simplify the refactored query clauses, to use only one outer JOIN for
each case of search type "having any" and "not having" mode,
Attach Issues:
mod - core/filter_api.php Diff File
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