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dhx dhx master 2010-08-07 06:03:16 master 1dbe709e
Affected Issues  0011826: Remove all inline JavaScript from MantisBT (use external scripts instead)

Issue 0011826: Replace inline JavaScript datetime picker

The JavaScript date/time picker control was being loaded inline within
the body of the HTML output. An upgraded MantisBT core can now handle
loading or scripts and stylesheets more gracefully using new require_js
and require_css functions. This allows us to remove a bunch of inline
JavaScript thus progressing towards full implementation of

jQuery is used to search the document on load for any text input fields
with the class "datetime". For each field found, a datetime picker
icon/button is created next to the input box. Users can click this icon
(as they could before) to show the jsCalendar widget (which remains

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