MantisBT: master-2.3 8b6787c8

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dregad dregad master-2.3 2017-05-19 11:48:57 master-2.3 afc31a63
Affected Issues  0022702: CVE-2017-7620: CSRF - Arbitrary Permalink Injection
 0022816: CVE-2017-7620: Open redirection vulnerability in /login_page.php

Fix CSRF vulnerability in permalink_page.php

John Page aka hyp3rlinx / ApparitionSec
reported a CSRF vulnerability in permalink_page.php, allowing an
attacker to inject arbitrary links (CVE-2017-7620).

Backporting from master branch:

  • Add form security token to prevent such injection
  • Encode '\' in string_sanitize_url()

Fixes 0022702, 0022816

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