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dregad dregad master-2.22 2019-09-04 11:30:38 master 8cf6eb5e
Affected Issues  0026110: [Show content] for Complex Configuration option doesn't work when mod_rewrite is disabled

Use REST API full path (with index.php)

On web servers where URL rewriting is not properly configured, calling
REST API with the "short" URL, e.g. http://my.mantis/rest/api/issues
does not work.

To make sure that core functionality relying on REST calls (via the
'internal' route) is working is expected even when URL rewriting is not
operational, we use the full path including the index.php file:

Fixes 0026110

(cherry picked from commit c4a2cdd9d8d443a84287756959f595728a1524c9)

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