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realitix community master 2020-03-25 06:11:33 master 650df76f
Affected Issues  0026811: Username regex is too strict by default

Increase TLD max length when validating usernames

The regex used to validate usernames limits the top-level domain part
to 4 chars. However, a lot of domains exceed this rule. The longest
one is currently 18 chars.

Fixes 0026811

The following python code returns the longest domain:

import urllib2

def is_ascii(s):
    return all(ord(c) < 128 for c in s)

data = urllib2.urlopen("")
nb_char = 0
longest_domain = None
for line in data:
    if not line.startswith('//') and '.' not in line and is_ascii(line):
        d = line.strip()
        if len(d) > nb_char:
            nb_char = len(d)
            longest_domain = d
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