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0010573mantisbtdb schemapublic2019-03-19 12:07
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Summary0010573: support SQLite

For small systems it would be nice to have a database backend that does not need any installation.

Please support SQLite for that purpose.

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related to 0019350 new SQLite support patches for mantis 1.2.19 and 1.3.0b1 




2009-06-11 03:01

manager   ~0022073

Sounds like a good idea. Anyone willing to provide a patch for this?



2015-02-05 03:48

reporter   ~0048789

I'd be interested too. An Actual DBMS is a bit overkill for that purpose.
Is mantis running PDO ? If no database specific functions are used it should be fairly simple to enable a PDO driver.



2015-02-05 05:48

developer   ~0048791

At the moment our API relies on ADOdb for DB abstraction.

There was a plan to switch to a new DB API based on PDO, but the developer who led that effort has left the team, so at this time I don't know if and when that switch will actually happen.

That being said, ADOdb does offer SQLite drivers, so in theory it should be feasible to implement that.

Should you decide to implement it, feel free to submit a pull request on Github.



2015-02-05 05:51

reporter   ~0048792

Thanks for the info, I'll probably do that !



2015-02-05 06:00

developer   ~0048793

Great, looking forward to your contribution !

Note, if and when you get around to it, please make sure to base your changes on our 'master' branch (i.e. not 1.2.x).



2015-02-07 13:49

manager   ~0048800

You may want to see the patch submitted at 0019350 to add Sqlite support for 1.2.x and 1.3.x.

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