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0011453mantisbtfeaturepublic2010-03-08 05:25
Reporteram-gtz Assigned To 
PrioritynormalSeverityfeatureReproducibilityhave not tried
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version1.2.0rc2 
Summary0011453: patch: Simplifiy Cloning of Issues for Environments were issues are often splitted.

The configuration options relationship_default (defined default relationship
when cloning, for example "child of") and bug_clone_status (when set to on,
the status of the cloned issue is copied to the new bug) were added.





2010-02-02 08:31

reporter   ~0024286;h=refs/heads/mantisbt-issue11453



2010-02-20 21:36

reporter   ~0024453

Slightly related but I added a feature to our local version of mantis to copy all parent relationships from the cloned issue. This makes it easier to duplicate an issue at the "same level" in the hierarchy.

You can of course select "none" on the parents to not hook up those parent relationships. (it doesn't copy the parent relationships automatically but lists them up for you "pre-linked" on the report issue form so you can adjust them or remove them before submitting)

If anyone is interested in adding this to the trunk I will attach the simple patch.

I also added the display of the bug's summary alongside each relationship in the report issue form to make it easier to understand.



2010-03-08 05:25

reporter   ~0024669

@dylanc: Interessting, but I think here we do not need cloning of the parent's relationship.

Feel free to post your patch --- maybe it can combined with ours as long as it is possible to switch this functionality off.