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0011754mantisbtemailpublic2016-07-07 02:40
Reporterobones Assigned To 
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Product Version1.2.0 
Summary0011754: $g_use_ldap_email set to ON is sometimes ignored

When $g_use_ldap_email the email stored in the database should not be used when working with users. Unfortunately, there are places where Mantis does not use user_get_email() but the direct value of the database field thus leading to a potential problem if those are different.
There is an example of this in manage_user_page.php at line 309 (1.2.0 release)
Another example if the user_get_id_by_email() function in user_api.php
I understand that this slows downs processes, but this is required as the email in the LDAP structures may change after the user has been added in Mantis.

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related to 0011755 new $g_use_ldap_realname set to ON is sometimes ignored 




2011-04-20 02:44

developer   ~0028677

duplicate of 0011755



2011-04-20 06:26

developer   ~0028683

Thanks Damien



2011-04-20 07:39

reporter   ~0028685

Well, I'm sorry, but no, this is not a duplicate.
Each issue is about a different field. This one about the email, the other one about the real name...



2011-04-21 09:54

developer   ~0028688

You're right, they are referring to different fields, and I should have read more carefully - sorry for that.

Still, the 2 issues should at least be marked as related because it makes no sense addressing one, without also fixing the other.

Note that currently Mantis will refresh the values stored in DB for the user, each time he/she logs in. Not quite where you'd like to be, but still better than never updated.