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0011780mantisbtpreferencespublic2010-04-12 10:46
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Product Version1.2.0 
Summary0011780: changes to g_default_show_changed seem to have no effect

I would like to adjust the cutoff used for determining if an entry should appear bold on the <i>my_view_page.php</i>, indicating it has recently been updated.

After browsing through the online documentation, I came across the variable <i>g_default_show_changed</i>. Apparently it is meant to carry an integer, indicates the number of hours, and is the variable for which I was looking.

However, so far changes to it seem to have no effect. I was under the impression that, for example, setting the variable to 72 would have the effect of highlighting all issues which had been updated within the last three days (72 hours).
This does not happen and instead it seems the value 6 is still in effect.

I thought perhaps a cache somewhere would need to be cleared out, but I am not sure where to look for such.

Does the setting take effect immediately? Does it work at all? Can one customize it?

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2010-04-11 12:23

reporter   ~0025093

Could it be the case that changes to this variable only affect tickets changed/updated after having set this variable?

So if I changed a ticket 7 hours ago, changed the variable from 6 to 8, the refresh the my view page, the changed ticket will not show as being recently changed (bold/highlighted)


if the variable is set to 8, a ticket is changed after that, and then I check in 7 hours later, it will show up as bold?



2010-04-12 09:55

reporter   ~0025103

I think it's because you have "6" selected in your filters and that this value supersedes the value you have given to the variable.



2010-04-12 10:46

reporter   ~0025106

Last edited: 2010-06-23 03:05

Where are the filters for my_view_page.php set? Oh, the value I use on view_all_bug_page.php in the changed, that does appear to have an effect on which entries are bold on my_view_page.php; oic

I thought the entry on view_all_bug_page.php was there just for the filters showing on view_all_bug_page.php and that the setting <i>$g_default_show_changed</i> is what determines <b>bold</b> on the entries my_view_page.php.

Thanks for pointing this out.