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0012538mantisbtGeneralpublic2023-03-26 09:48
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Product Version1.2.0 
Summary0012538: plugin that allows to allocate a Machine within the domain to the current issue.

Our helpdesk has a need to record the workstation that is connected to an issue.

The machines in the AD can be retrieved online or based upon scheduled job.
This is exteremly usefull in case the domain has many machines.
In addition it allows to fill the machine table from other sources than AD.
That script will have to be custom made in that case.

Additional Information

Upon creating an issue, a field is added to the screen where the machine can be selected froma dropdownbox.
This field can be updated as any other field.
Data is stored in a seperate table.
When the issue is deleted, also this relation is deleted.
Upon viewing the issue, the machine data is presented as a link such that details of that machine can be viewed on screen.
This link is configurable and can point to various other applications.

Sample links are:
SMS => http://your_server_with_sms/MachDetails.asp?MachineDetails=True&Machine=
ZCI => http://your_server_with_zci/frontend/computer_details.php?compname=
Lansweeper => http://your_server_with_lansweeper/default.aspx?item=quicksearch&q=

Lansweeper also has a freeware solution ( ).
ZCI is fully opensource (

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2010-11-17 09:46

reporter   ~0027403

There is one open issue, the plugin requires 2 tables, second table is not (yet) automatically created.
See doc for manual action.



2011-01-11 07:52

reporter   ~0027894

Uploaded version 1.00. Now both tables are automatically created and config bug has been handled.



2014-09-02 12:27

reporter   ~0041154

Cas: Hi I want search only in specific OU, what should I do.



2014-09-15 07:32

reporter   ~0041222

You would need to adjust the verify_ldap function which can be found in Machine_AD_api.php