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0013078mantisbtlocalizationpublic2012-10-18 18:01
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Summary0013078: Updated translation for traditional chinese( mantisbt_root/lang/strings_chinese_traditional.txt )

Provided by Barlos@TWPUG in the following post:

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2011-06-13 04:15

reporter (20,947 bytes)


2011-06-13 05:53

developer   ~0028984

kiang, if you are interested you can contribute to MantisBT by following these instructions to change translations



2011-06-13 06:20

reporter   ~0028989

Hi atrol,

I just tried to forward translations found in our community to upstream. The translation provided by Barlos looked like more completed than the one in git repository. So I created this issue.

Thanks for your information. :)



2011-06-13 07:01

developer   ~0028990 says that Chinese traditional is 99.83% complete at the moment
Maybe you can tell Barlos to update just the changed/added messages at



2011-06-13 07:21

reporter   ~0028991

The message was forwarded. Hope he would create an account there. :)



2011-06-14 22:23

reporter   ~0028996

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Hello all,

I am Barlos.

I did tried to go, however I was having hard time with User Interface. So, I just edit language file and posted.

The 2 major differences between the Chinese file came with the MantisBT installation package and the one I modified are addressed as the following.
1: Mine added all the missing strings form the English file.
2: Mine put the strings' order matches to English file. So, easier for people to compare the two files.

I didn't modified the Chinese strings made by the previous translators. However, I did noticed that some translation may lead user to misunderstood. I will look deep into the Chinese translation later and give some thoughts.

Since the language file is just a php text file, which can be edited by any text eidtor, so, people are welcome to modified to suit their prefer.

The following is the Chinese translation form the above message.

我有嘗試使用 來協助 MantisBT 中文化, 但是使用者介面我弄不懂, 就乾脆自己修改中文化檔案.

MantisBT 安裝檔內附的中文語系檔與我個人修改的, 兩個主要差異如下:
1: 我的是對照英文語系檔, 把沒有放進去的給補進去.
2: 把字串依照英文檔的順序, 重新排序, 所以, 用這個檔案, 如果你要修改, 可以參照英文的檔案內的字串位置.

我沒有對原先的已中文化的字串做修改, 但我發發現有些中文字串翻譯可能會誤導使用者; 我會找時間, 整個對過, 並在此報告. 總共有一千五百個字串...

因為語言檔是 php 的文字檔, 任何人都可以下載並修改成自己的偏好用詞.



2011-06-15 01:44

developer   ~0028997

Reminder sent to: siebrand

siebrand, could you please have a look at this?



2012-10-06 03:34

developer   ~0033051

Settings status to resolved as translatewiki shows a quite complete translation for chinese traditional.
There are just 6 messages which are not translated at the moment.

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