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0013231mantisbtinstallationpublic2011-08-29 07:05
Reporterbizfundi Assigned Todregad  
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Product Version1.2.6 
Summary0013231: Help required with installation steps

I need help to understand the meaning of a requirement on the installation page.

Steps To Reproduce

navigate to the page

Additional Information

On that page, it asks for these two things:

Admin Username (to create Database if required)
Admin Password (to create Database if required)

I don't understand what that is and where to get that info from.

I have created a database, with a database user and password on our server, and that is accepted by the installation check.

I have tried entering the following data there using:

  1. The same database username and password mentioned above

  2. A second database username and password with full permissions

  3. administrator/root as explained in the online installation manual found here:

  4. My cpanel username and password

None of the above is accepted. the error message is:

Does administrative user have access to the database? ( Access denied for user 'administrator'@'localhost' (using password: YES) )

Everything else is green.

Please explain more about this admin username and password, so I can fix it.

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2011-08-10 09:40

reporter   ~0029437

P.S. I even tried leaving it blank.



2011-08-10 10:37

developer   ~0029441

database user/pw = the account defined in config_inc.php for Mantis to connect to the database.

This account could be root/admin or another account with limited privileges - user must have SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE on the mantis schema (but see also 0013137 if you plan to use plugins).

admin user/pw = in case db user is a low-privs account, you need to specify here an admin account that can create the Mantis DB schema.

If db user is admin, you can leave this blank (installer will use the same credentials).

If it does not work you have a problem with your DB setup or the admin account.



2011-08-10 10:45

reporter   ~0029442


Thanks for the speedy response.

Leaving it blank did not work.

I contacted my host who tried it, and in the last two fields he re-entered the database username and password and it went through fine.

This means that I had to enter the database username and password twice on the installation page.

I already tried that before my host tried it, when I was trying all the variable ways to do it, so I presume it was my browser cache causing a problem when I kept retrying.



2011-08-10 11:06

developer   ~0029444

Good news. Have fun with Mantis :)