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Summary0016011: Readonly custom fields and default value

A custom enumeration field with a default value is working correctly when the user can edit it.
But if the user cannot edit that field, it just appears empty, and not with the default value.

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2016-04-08 09:19

reporter   ~0052920

See for an analysis of this behavior as it manifests when reporting a bug. I have not yet performed a similar analysis for other phases of the bug lifecycle.

In short, the problem is that if the user does not have read/write access to the custom field, the code that populates the bug report page with custom fields simply skips it rather than creating an HTML control with its "disabled" attribute set. See:

This not only prevents the field from being displayed, but also prevents it from being initialized to its specified default value when the form is submitted. This particular problem is compounded by the code at which skips any value submitted for the field, rather than setting it to its specified default value.



2019-03-20 05:00

reporter   ~0061720

We have the same issue here with custom fields are not initally populated.
I see population of that field if reporter has write access to the custom_field.
But the point is that by defining a default value, the system should populate it nonetheless.
It could be even set internally if the user does not get it displayed due to insufficient rights.
In the current case we have a custom field with enumeration that is set to enhance our workflow.
It is set initally to filter for unevaluated entries and has several levels to determine when it is to be implemented (if not it is getting closed).
So having it empty it is not filterable.

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