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0016579mantisbtapi soappublic2018-07-20 01:26
Reporterwindy Assigned Tovboctor  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version1.2.15 
Summary0016579: Developers are not allowed to reopen a bug when using the SOAP API

In the default configuration, developers may reopen or close resolved bugs. However, this is not possible with the SOAP API which states that the bug is "read-only".

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a bug as administrator
  2. Assign it to a developer
  3. Login as developer and change the status to Resolved
  4. Close, Reopen and Resolve the bug with the web interface -> Works
  5. Close, Reopen and Resolve the bug with the SOAP API -> Does not work
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2018-02-08 08:42

reporter   ~0058798

It seems like that this bug still exists with MantisBT 2.10



2018-02-10 16:42

manager   ~0058817

Did you try doing the same via the REST API? You should be to use the PATCH issue API. See for API documentation. The SOAP API is on a deprecation path.

2018-06-28 19:36

reporter   ~0060192

If I try to move the status of a ticket from closed to feedback using the REST API as a developer, I get a 500 error. If I log in as that user, I'm allowed to reopen the ticket.

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