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0017960mantisbtperformancepublic2015-03-07 23:24
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Summary0017960: Don't let crawlers go to edit page

At the moment, we use standard links to point to the edit page. This causes crawlers to follow the links and possibly index the edit pages. This also causes performance issue due to 0017944 for instances with large number of users.

Using rel="nofollow" won't fix this since that doesn't stop most crawlers from processing the link.

We could consider the following:

  • Use a POST to open the edit page.
  • Mark edit page as don't index.

That of course, in addition to fixing 0017944.

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related to 0017944 closedvboctor Regression from 1.2.x: slow performance when editing issues 




2014-12-13 14:11

manager   ~0042008

This applies to View Issues page and My View page. Search for update.png for the two locations in columns_api and my_view_inc.php.



2014-12-13 14:33

manager   ~0042009

Looking into this, there are two options to implement this:

  • Use javascript on-click for going to edit page.
  • Use javascript to handle group actions.

Reason is that in the View Issues page, there is a big form across all of the issues to handle group actions. If we use a form for the edit buttons, then we have nested forms which breaks the html.



2014-12-13 16:05

manager   ~0042010

Pull request:



2015-03-07 23:24

manager   ~0049149

I'm reducing the severity and unassigning this for now.

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