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0019467mantisbtreportspublic2019-09-25 19:07
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Summary0019467: Report summary with "-" character is easier to read than "0" character

In menu summary, it is easier for user to read and focus if the "0" (zero) character are changed with "-" character. There is also inconsistency in format : summary by status already used "-" character (which is nice to read) while the other summary are not.

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related to 0001890 closedthraxisp summary displays '0' where not supposed to 




2015-03-04 20:33




2015-03-04 20:34




2019-01-09 18:26

developer   ~0061180

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The origin of displaying "-" is 0001890
Seems like it wasn't made for readability, but because that combination is not possible.

Now. The point about visibility may still be valid.



2019-01-10 02:37

developer   ~0061184

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There are some side effects when changing 0 (number) to - (string).
E.g. I get a different horizontal alignment (see screenshot below MantisTouch / resolved) when entering such data with default settings in LibreOffice/Calc.

Furthermore, in a real life scenario after working some time with Mantis, you will hardly see that many 0s like those we see in the screenshot of user sancaka.

@dregad as you are the one who set status to acknowleded: What do you think now about resolving this issue as won't fix?

SummaryInCalc.PNG (13,758 bytes)   
SummaryInCalc.PNG (13,758 bytes)   


2019-01-10 03:47

developer   ~0061190

when entering such data with default settings in LibreOffice/Calc

right, using a non-number messes with any workflow involving copying the data from the broser into a spreadsheet, etc

in a real life scenario after working some time with Mantis, you will hardly see that many 0s

But if we get to implement filter within summary, reduced datasets may be more common, eg: only resolved issues, or specific handler.

What do you think now about resolving this issue as won't fix?

i agree, "won't fix" exactly as requested.
But regarding visibility, would like to consider other approach, like applying a lighter color to 0's?



2019-01-10 04:37

developer   ~0061194

Acknowledged means just that - not a confirmation that it's scheduled for implementation or anything. I have no objections if you want to close as won't fix. Personally I'm fine with using "0". That being said, as suggested by cproensa, there may be other ways to improve readability.

As for the problem of copy/pasting the data into Excel / LibreOffice or whatever if we use dashes instead of zeroes, i think the right approach in this case would be to provide a way to export the table in numeric form. But we should ask the question of the cost-benefit of implementing such a feature.

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