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0019892mantisbtdb mssqlpublic2019-12-13 18:06 Assigned Todregad  
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OSWindows 7 
Product Version1.2.19 
Summary0019892: Getting Error when verify the the New User

I have Setup the Mantis BT on my server. Using MS SQL. it created the Data base and also created the User and send the verification email. but when i clicked on the Linked i got following error.


Database query failed. Error received from database was #0: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Invalid parameter number for the query: SELECT,, ph.parent_id
FROM mantis_project_table p
LEFT JOIN mantis_project_user_list_table u
ON AND u.user_id=?
LEFT JOIN mantis_project_hierarchy_table ph
ON ph.child_id =
WHERE p.enabled = ? AND
( p.view_state=?
OR (p.view_state=?
u.user_id=? )

Additional Information

Please Help me to fixed this issue ... I have tried your logged but it failed ... on of the logged said to applied Patch file. i dont knw how to do that. and another log said it will fixed in next released. but it still not fixed i think.

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2015-06-28 22:08

reporter   ~0050992

I have been working on this since two days ... but unable to setup the Mantis BT.



2015-06-29 06:33

developer   ~0050994

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Can you please verify whether this problem exists using version 1.3.0-beta.2

2015-06-30 22:35

reporter   ~0050995

Thanks for your Feedback ..after using the new version i am not sure whether above thing resolve or not. because i am getting an error on when i try to install

'Invalid argument supplied for foreach()' in 'D:\Published\IRSMantisbt\admin\install.php' line 660

Notice: Undefined index: config_id in D:\Published\IRSMantisbt\core\config_api.php on line 140

Notice: Undefined index: user_id in D:\Published\IRSMantisbt\core\config_api.php on line 141

Notice: Undefined index: project_id in D:\Published\IRSMantisbt\core\config_api.php on line 142

Notice: Undefined index: type in D:\Published\IRSMantisbt\core\config_api.php on line 143

Notice: Undefined index: value in D:\Published\IRSMantisbt\core\config_api.php on line 143

Notice: Undefined index: access_reqd in D:\Published\IRSMantisbt\core\config_api.php on line 144



2015-07-01 10:37

developer   ~0051000

The reason I mentioned 1.3.0b2 is that there are a number of issues with MSSQL support in 1.2.x, most of which I hope will be fixed by a new release of the underlying DB abstraction layer we use (ADOdb).

With regards to the error messages, it looks like you did not start with a fresh install of 1.3.x (existing config_inc.php file) - this is a known issue, see 0017805. You can either install a nightly build, apply the patch in the mentioned issue, or remove your config file.

For the record, I don't use MSSQL and don't have access to it - I work on Linux environments, so I'm not able to test these things.



2019-12-03 07:11

developer   ~0063171

We are resolving this issue as "no change required", because it was reported against an old version of MantisBT which is no longer supported.

We recommend that you upgrade to the latest stable version [1]; if after doing so the problem still exists, do not hesitate to reopen the issue.


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