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0021100mantisbtmentionspublic2019-07-08 04:57
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Summary0021100: Support auto-complete for @ mentions in modern UI

The modern UI should provide auto-complete to help users auto-complete user names. Ideally with a preference to users that have already contributed to the issue (reporter, note authors, handler, etc). The involved people can be the suggested list when user just types @ and before typing more letters.

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has duplicate 0025906 assignedsyncguru Add autocomplete inline popup menu for @mentions while typing 
related to 0021099 new Support auto-complete when adding user to monitor list on an issue 




2017-07-19 08:26

reporter   ~0057263

We added a similar feature to the MarkDown Editor plugin. However, it doesn't prioritize suggestions, but simply shows usernames based on 3-5 consecutive characters of the username. It's still work in progress, but the basic functionality works for us.

Source code:

The auto-complete feature uses Textcomplete library from

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