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Summary0021264: Option max_dropdown_length is not documented in Admin Guide

Even though there is plenty of space, Mantis shortens product version strings in the dropdown menu where the product string can be selected. In my particular case, "OpenMPT / libopenmpt 0.2-beta17 (upgrade first)" is shortened to "OpenMPT / libopenmpt...first)", which is not very useful.

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related to 0022812 closedatrol Product Version | Dropdown and Config Field not long enough for code names 




2016-07-12 08:20


shortened_product_version.png (13,653 bytes)   
shortened_product_version.png (13,653 bytes)   


2016-07-12 08:40

developer   ~0053575

You can configure the maximum lenght by setting option $g_max_dropdown_length

Changed as a documentation issue as option max_dropdown_length is not documented in Admin Guide.


  • maximum length of the description in a dropdown menu (for search)
  • set to 0 to disable truncations
  • @global integer $g_max_dropdown_length
    $g_max_dropdown_length = 40;

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