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0021382mantisbtrsspublic2016-07-19 15:09
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Product Version1.3.0 
Summary0021382: RSS Feeds don't validate

RSS feeds don't validate:

This feed does not validate.

line 3, column 930: Invalid email address: (25 occurrences) [help]

    ... ion needs robust testing</title><author></author><link>http://beta.canal .

This seems to be down to the following line in issues_rss.php

if( access_has_global_level( config_get( 'show_user_email_threshold' ) ) ) {

So if you've not set $g_show_user_email_threshold in the config then the email addresses aren't displayed.

If you comment the IF lines out then it validates but reports:

line 3, column 945: Email address is not in the recommended format (25 occurrences) [help]

because of :

$t_author = $t_author_name . ' <' . $t_author_email . '>';

where the "<" and ">" get turned into html entities.

Steps To Reproduce

get the RSS feed url from the issues page and use

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