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0022651mantisbtuipublic2019-08-22 09:09
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Product Version2.2.1 
Summary0022651: Refresh Issue on Several Pages

There is a refresh issue where your action does not take affect until you re-log, change the page, or enter Account settings.

Steps To Reproduce

Example 1:

  1. Log in to My View
  2. Change Project from "A" to "B"
  3. It won't update it
  4. Go to My Accounts, and you'll notice the Project is "B"
  5. Go back to My View, it still shows "A"
  6. Go to View Issues, its "B"

Example 2:

  1. Log in with user 1
  2. Log out
  3. Log in with user 2
  4. The user 1's permissions, ui, etc are still applied
  5. Go to My Account (or other tabs), it will then refresh correctly and display all the users 2's info
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2017-04-03 01:42

reporter   ~0056332

Examples was meant to be "Example (hashtag)1 and Example (hashtag)2", and not related to those issues.



2019-08-22 09:09

reporter   ~0062626

I have the same problem.

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