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0023118mantisbtdb oraclepublic2018-08-09 08:19
ReporterSurya Teja Assigned To 
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Product Version2.5.1 
Summary0023118: Getting Missing comma error while inserting the data into m_user table at check and install Database step

INSERT INTO m_user( username, realname, email, password, date_created, last_visit, enabled, protected, access_level, login_count, lost_password_request_count, failed_login_count, cookie_string ) VALUES ( 'administrator', '', 'root@localhost', '63a9f0ea7bb98050796b649e85481845', ''2017-07-17 06:58:38'', ''2017-07-17 06:58:38'', '1', '0', 90, 3, 0, 0, 'dbf8d7a4ee1106191352840948693df57d8b0663e5e1b815cc497b51b0b737cb' )
ORA-00917: missing comma

When i tried this query in sql developer it was shown that there is as issue with the time in the query. It was expecting a comma in between the two single quotes before the time (''2017-07-17 06:58:38'', ''2017-07-17 06:58:38''). and one more is the columns 'date_created' and 'last_visit' are of date datatype but the query in schema.php is given with timestamp to insert.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. open in web browser
  2. Give the db details
  3. click Install/Upgrade Database
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Surya Teja

Surya Teja

2017-07-17 03:00


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Error Screenshot.JPG (68,189 bytes)