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0023739mantisbtauthenticationpublic2018-10-19 13:01
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Product Version2.9.0 
Summary0023739: User confirmation results in APPLICATION ERROR #2800

After a new user clicks on the confirmation link and changes his password he gets an APPLICATION ERROR #2800

I repeated this several times.

The password gets successfully changed and if I manual go to my mantisbt home page I can login with the new user.

Steps To Reproduce

Register a new user.

Click the confirmation link.

Change the password after first login.

Additional Information

the URL:

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has duplicate 0024386 closedatrol #2800 Application Error 
has duplicate 0024237 closedatrol New account : after validate the account, I've got an error 2800 
has duplicate 0024873 closedatrol invalid form security token error after completing new user registration 




2017-12-18 02:37

reporter   ~0058410

When I try to disable form security it still doesn't work but the error changes.

Without form security I'm getting redirected to a page that says "access denied [...]"



2017-12-18 02:47

developer   ~0058411

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Do you get any errors or warnings when running admin/check/index.php ?



2017-12-18 04:14

reporter   ~0058412

I corrected some errors and most of the warnings.
I didn't correct some security warnings. Unfortunately it still doesn't work correctly.



2017-12-18 04:27

reporter   ~0058414

I have to correct my issue!
The problem only occurs when the user wants to activate a new account. Password resets are working.
After i reset a password I'm getting redirected to the login page.



2017-12-18 12:44

reporter   ~0058415

I just tried in another browser. It worked. It seems like a cookie error (?).

Before I tried to login with the new user I was logged in as admin.
I think you can close this although I'd be interested in the reason for the problem.



2018-01-06 13:13

developer   ~0058493

I can't reproduce the original issue but I am able to reproduce a similar issue in this context.

The problem occurs if you use the login page that appears after requesting the password reset.
It should just be login_page.php, but there is also wrong parameter ?return=<YourUrl>/lost_pwd.php.



2018-04-29 03:25

reporter   ~0059697

Maybe related to this one :

I'm facing it almost 2-3 times per week. Running 2.13.1

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