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0024345mantisbtuipublic2018-06-11 11:05
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Summary0024345: Add bug-contextual classes in the generated HTML pages for easier CSS customization

In order to allow an easier UI customization with CSS styling, it would be very convenient that the generated HTML code contains more classes depending on what they are specifically displaying.

In the same way WordPress generates classes for every content depending on the category, the date, the author and whatsoever, Mantis could easily generates classes for each issue depending on the project, the priority, the status and so on.

Suggestion is to have these classes generated on the top element in the DOM where it's relevant, e.g. in "body" for a page displaying a single issue, in "tr" for a table of issues, and so on.

For an issue in status "assigned", resolution "open", priority "urgent"
the generated code would be:
class="proj-xxx stat-50 res-10 prio-50 (...)"

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Inspired by

I've been trying to find a proper way to manage this through a plugin. It's more or less possible though not very straightforward especially for tables.

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2018-06-11 11:05

reporter   ~0060060

Adding class or id to the following elements would be also helpful to allow further customization on:
– Menu items
– Action buttons (NB: I also recommend to convert <input>s to <button>s to allow a full customization such as in the attached screenshot – quick & dirty sample)

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