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0024524mantisbtplug-inspublic2018-07-07 15:17
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Summary0024524: new Calendar plugin

I'm working on a new Calendar plugin.
Initially, I designed it for the mantis 1.2.12, but there is a lot of JavaScript code.

At the moment I'm working on a version for Mantis 2.14.0. It is designed without the use of Javascript and generally uses the Mantis architecture.

Events in the calendar are attached to the project.
You can bind errors to an event.
In principle, everything is intuitively understandable.
Translation into English was done with the help of google translator.

Further description will be added as soon as time appears.
Sorry for my english. My native language is russian.

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I would like to place my plugin on
But the instruction is at
has broken links to the github manual.

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2018-06-25 04:57

reporter   ~0060141

New release

  • Google Calendar Sync was added.
  • The settings for days and times are personalized.
  • Added readme file.


2018-06-25 05:04

developer   ~0060142

has broken links to the github manual.

@123 I had a short look but did not find broken GitHub links.
Which one does not work for you?



2018-06-25 05:20

reporter   ~0060144

@atrol Hello!
I already sent a letter to with the request to add my plugin to the mantisbt-plugin repository.
So far the answer has not been received ...

About the broken links. It is on the page:

The table has links to the instructions, but they are broken: (manage the teams) (Owners) (Core developers)



2018-06-25 05:24

developer   ~0060145

The links are not broken.
As described in Wiki, the links are used just by the organization's owners

This section describes how to manage the teams in the organization; it is targeted at the organization's owners.



2018-06-25 05:31

developer   ~0060146

I already sent a letter to

I don't see one

@dregad Is there a problem with the list? Maybe we should move to Gitter for this?



2018-06-25 05:42

reporter   ~0060147

@atrol Yes, now I understand. I apologize for the stupid question.



2018-06-25 05:45

reporter   ~0060148

@atrol , @dregad Please, I'm looking forward to solving my problem. Thank you in advance!



2018-06-25 10:27

developer   ~0060153

Is there a problem with the list?

I don't know, I have no access to the list's administration... ask @vboctor.

Maybe we should move to Gitter for this?

Any communication channel is fine with me.

@123 I created a group for your plugin and sent an invitation to brlumen - you should be able to transfer ownership.



2018-06-25 23:58

reporter   ~0060158

@dregad, I completed transfer ownership.

I would like to keep track of bugs here at
Could you create a Plugin-Calendar project?



2018-06-26 06:20

developer   ~0060167

I would like to keep track of bugs here at

I noticed you are using Github issues already - probably not a good idea to have 2 trackers. I would recommend to stick to Github so you have everything in one place. And you should switch from Russian to English too.



2018-06-26 06:49

reporter   ~0060169




2018-06-27 08:09

developer   ~0060175

Plugin is now available at

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