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0024621mantisbthtmlpublic2018-07-21 08:19
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Product Version2.15.0 
Summary0024621: Closing </div> tag missing in sign up page

There seems to be a closing </div> tag missing in the signup page ( and probably also in other pages the use the same functions from the layout API (e.g., login).

Steps To Reproduce

Run a validator with the sing up URL, e.g.:;acceptlanguage=&amp;

Errors 16 and 17 report the problem:

Error: End tag for body seen, but there were unclosed elements.
From line 124, column 1; to line 124, column 7

17.Error: Unclosed element div.
From line 39, column 1; to line 39, column 48
↩</style>↩<div class="main-container" id="main-container">↩<div

Additional Information

I came across this when adjusting the HTML code of MantisBT for use within our system and corporate design. For me, inserting an additional "echo '</div>';" before "layout_body_javascript();" in the function "layout_login_page_end()" in "core/layout_api.php" fixed the problem, but I'm not sure if that is the optimal position to put it.

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2018-07-21 08:17

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The large font sizes in "steps to reproduce" are not intended. Actually I wanted to put in horizontal lines. It seems like I do not have the privileges to edit this anymore.