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0024657mantisbtauthorizationpublic2018-08-24 04:58
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Summary0024657: Can't move an issue in an project

I dont know if its normal but when a developer who dont have permission to report a bug in a project he cant move any issue in this project.
In my workflow the developer have the right to move a bug but dont have permission to report a bug this configuration is the same in all project.
The button move is working, all project are show but i cant select one in enumeration.
If someone have any solution I'm interested.
Responsable = Developer
Thank you.

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2018-08-08 09:17


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2018-08-08 10:18

reporter   ~0060378

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I specify when I authorize reporting bug for developer I'm able to move the issue when I'm developer but i dont want they can report bug



2018-08-08 10:52

developer   ~0060380

Moving an issue from project A to project B is similar to deleting it in project A and creating it in project B.
I assume this is the reason for the current behavior (no time at the moment to look at the code / history)

but i dont want they can report bug

Quite unusual.
Can you explain your use case?
What do your developers do if they find a bug?



2018-08-08 11:12

reporter   ~0060381

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I dont use mantis for bug reporting but rather like request for intervention. Developer and reporter are in a Project A where all request are, then developers move the request in a sub-project depending of the sector of the request, where technician are and developer, they are differents sub-project each for a different sector. Then when technician end intervention they change status to fixed and developer remove request in project A. So only reporter can report a "request".

Project A =Developer, Reporter
Sub-project sector1 =Developer, Technician different from other sub-project
Sub-project sector2=Developer, Technician different from other sub-project

Thanks for your help.



2018-08-08 17:14

developer   ~0060382

We would have to add one more option for it.
Something like "Move an Issue to this project" in addition to the existing "Move an issue" and as a replacement for "Report an Issue" in this special use case.

There are some other feature requests around moving issues , e.g. being able to change category 0010325 or other fields like status 0013233 when moving an issue.
It could become a bit complicated to have this in combination with your request.

I tend to say, that we should close your issues as won't fix, but would like to hear a second opinion.
Maybe @dregad and/or @vboctor will comment.

Independent from that, you could write a plugin that displays your own special Move button where you can implement any rule you want.



2018-08-09 04:53

reporter   ~0060391

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Thanks for the information.
I rethink the configuration of my project



2018-08-14 02:36

developer   ~0060424

I though back to the configuration of my project

I am not sure if I understand right what you mean with it.
Does it mean we can close the issue as won't fix?



2018-08-14 03:33

reporter   ~0060426

Yes I have delete sub-project and all request stay in the current project

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