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0024883mantisbtmentionspublic2019-04-18 13:08
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Summary0024883: Mentioning user name with space does not work

Trying to @-mention a user whose user name contains a space is not possible.

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Probably not very easy to fix due to how this is implemented, I know... But here's a random idea: Given that the user name is "Foo Bar", if "@Foo" is matched but no such user exists, try to find any users whose name is "Foo *" and check if this is matched in the text.

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related to 0022484 closedatrol Mentions functionality fails if user name format is like email address 
related to 0025698 confirmed Mentions does not work when user login is an email 




2018-10-23 13:54

developer   ~0060841

try to find any users whose name is "Foo *" and check if this is matched in the text.

Will not be a clean solution, e.g. assume there is a user Foo bar1 bar2 and you want to reach user Foo bar1 but the next word in text is bar2.
It seems we would need a delimiter for user names that can't be part of the user name itself, something like @'foo bar1 bar2'



2019-04-18 03:58

developer   ~0061965

We should probably stop allowing spaces as part of usernames by default. That's a silly thing to do IMO, and I am not sure why we're doing that in the first place (it's been like this since 2003, see 0003183 MantisBT master 3aff2711 )



2019-04-18 13:08

reporter   ~0061978

Given that there are legacy installations with spaces in names, that would only seem like a workaround to me, in particular since it will not fix the problem for these existing installations, where a proper solution like the one suggested by atrol would be required. I don't know how mentions work when displaying of real names is enabled, but if in this case the real name is usable, the same problem would exist again (and if not, I wonder how easy it is for users to actually find out the user name of another user).

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