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0002561mantisbtfeaturepublic2019-01-11 06:46
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Summary0002561: Include mail server in config

My web server can't send mails, so i would like use another one specified in config.

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2002-09-26 17:02

reporter   ~0003324

This already exists... look for $g_smtp_host in your config file.

Note that you have to use the phpMailer classes to use this though...

If you're on *nix, you need to have sendmail installed and php just uses that to send the mail wherever it needs to go.

Check out if you need more info



2002-09-26 17:02

reporter   ~0003325

Actually, I just committed code that sets the SMTP system variable when you send a message. This will help if your server is running on windows, but it isn't used on *nix because sendmail should be available there.

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