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0025618mantisbtuipublic2019-04-05 17:14
Reporterrogueresearch Assigned Toatrol  
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Product Version2.19.0 
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Summary0025618: "Activities" section often has first column too wide, second column too narrow

When looking at several issues in our install of mantis, in the "Activities" section, we often see that the first column is much wider than necessary, and that the space could be better used my making the second column (with image) wider.

This reproduces for some issues, but not others. It behaves consistently per-issue. Not sure what's different between the issues where it occurs and doesn't.

Easier to see with images, see attached.

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2019-03-18 10:32


GoodColumns.png (73,973 bytes)
GoodColumns.png (73,973 bytes)
BadColumns.png (118,971 bytes)
BadColumns.png (118,971 bytes)


2019-03-18 12:12

developer   ~0061687

Your 2nd screen shot shows different colors than the 1st one.
I assume you tweaked original CSS of Mantis in the 2nd installation.
Maybe this is also the reason for the behavior.



2019-03-18 12:55

reporter   ~0061690

Thanks for the speedy reply!

I wouldn't even know how to change CSS, as I'm not a web developer. :)

But your observation was apt. It's a difference between browsers!

In Safari:

  • the column widths are buggy
  • the colour is purple, not blue
  • the note text is bold

In Firefox:

  • the column widths are sensible
  • the colour is blue, not purple
  • the note text is not bold

Here's two pictures of the same issue from both browsers.

Firefox.png (64,859 bytes)
Firefox.png (64,859 bytes)
Safari.png (76,864 bytes)
Safari.png (76,864 bytes)


2019-03-18 13:27

developer   ~0061691

Clearing browser cache might fix the issue.



2019-03-18 14:04

reporter   ~0061692

Confirmed! Glad this thought occurred to you! I really shouldn't assume my browser is bug free. :)



2019-03-18 18:11

developer   ~0061702

I really shouldn't assume my browser is bug free

You shouldn't, but this is not that simple and could be done better in Mantis.
Your browser used a cached version of default.css from your previous 1.2 Mantis.

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