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0025872mantisbtfilterspublic2019-07-05 18:50
ReporterOlenaTatarintseva Assigned Todregad  
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Product Version2.21.1 
Summary0025872: Saved filters with "All projects" option return bugs only from globally selected project.

If saved filter has selected "All projects" option it will return return bugs not from all projects, but only from project currently selected on the page.

Steps To Reproduce

Create new filter and save it with "All projects" option.
Go to View issues and select some project in the top right corner.
Go to Manage Filters and apply you saved filter.
It will return bugs only from selected project and not from all projects.

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2019-06-19 05:57




2019-06-19 06:17

developer   ~0062272

There, "all projects" means that this saved filter is available under any selected project.
As opposed to saving that filter only to be available in one specific project.



2019-06-19 06:38

developer   ~0062273

If by "All projects" option you mean the check box on query_store_page.php, then please be aware that this only affects the filter's visibility, not its contents (i.e. it will be accessible regardless of which project is currently selected).

By default, filters only include issues from the active project. If you want it to show issues from all projects, then you need to switch to Advanced Filters (burger menu on top right of Filters area), then select All Projects from the list, as shown in attached screenshot.

screenshot-20190619-1237.png (3,611 bytes)   
screenshot-20190619-1237.png (3,611 bytes)   


2019-06-19 06:40

developer   ~0062274

Sorry @cproensa I didn't see you had already replied...



2019-06-24 04:57

reporter   ~0062305

@cproensa, @dregad,

Thank you for the response.

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