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0025897mantisbtcustomizationpublic2019-07-01 21:29
ReporterMr.Bricodage Assigned Todregad  
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Product Version2.21.1 
Summary0025897: Add a configuration option to remove "empty value" in versions fields depending on the issue status

In Mantis, version values in fields (version, fixed_in_version, target_version) are defined through lists.

During creation/update, versions defined by project manager are proposed in GUI, with an extra "leading blank" introduced by Mantis in print_version_option_list(). This blank version can be selected during issue creation/update.

What about create a new configuration option to enable/disable leading blank value in these fields ?
That configuration should be defined in a new per status 2-dimensional matrix to handle issue current status.

As an example for the 2D matrix configuration :

By default, the option could be defined as empty array, meaning that the current behaviour still occurs : an empty value is printed.

For version fields where the leading blank value is disabled in custom configuration, the list should be displayed according to "category" list, with a (select) label and a form that check the value is set. The label should be prefixed by a required class too.
See attachments for the Enabled/Disabled GUI.

What are your suggestions/feedback about this ?

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2019-07-01 05:35


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2019-07-01 06:07

developer   ~0062346

In other words, you'd like to be able to make version fields mandatory based on status ?

It could be useful. I don't have time to analyze in depth, but for sure the wording for the proposed new config needs to be changed to reflect the actual semantics - "disable_leading_blank_version" is confusing.