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Summary0026279: Translation Access levels in Workflow Transitions is incorrect

The translation label ($s_access_change) of the Access levels in the Workflow Transitions is translated (in dutch) incorrect.

The title translated in dutch means “Minimum Access Leven to change this Status” which is something totally different than “Minimum Access Level to change to this status”.

Additional Information

Text in dutch should be: "Minimaal toegangsniveau om naar deze status te wijzigen".

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2019-10-17 03:32


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2019-10-17 03:43

developer   ~0062986

Translations are managed via TranslateWiki. Please refer our own Wiki [1] for the process to submit new translations or revise existing ones.




2019-10-17 04:34

reporter   ~0062987

Thanks for the feedback. Created an account and now waiting for translater rights.

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