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0027257mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2020-09-18 19:28
Reporterdregad Assigned Todregad  
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Target Version2.25.0Fixed in Version2.25.0 
Summary0027257: It is not possible to clear the Default Profile

Once a user has picked a Default Profile in account_prof_menu_page.php, they cannot unselect it anymore, only pick a new one.

It should be possible to clear the selected Default.

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child of 0027256 resolveddregad Refactor Profiles management pages to display a list of records 


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MantisBT: master 8824d87b

2020-09-01 13:38:35


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Allow users to unset their Default Profile

Until now, a default Profile could be set, but there was no way to
remove it other than deleting the profile.

The UI now offers a "Clear Default" button.

Fixes 0027257
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mod - account_prof_menu_page.php Diff File
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